Transaction Advisory Services

 Financial Due Diligence

  • Providing valuable insight into the operation of the Company.
  • Structuring and valuing the transaction, negotiating purchase price and purchase agreements.
  • Determining future financing strategies.
  • Identifying operational areas upon which to concentrate after the deal closes.
  • Assist In determining where the value in the Company is and where the “black holes” are.


Legal Due Diligence

  • Regulatory issues.
  • Corporate Compliances.
  • Verifying Loan documents to check for any restrictions on M&A.
  • Title over real estate and other tangible property.
  • Title over intellectual property and the risks associated with it.
  • Existing or potential litigation against the target.
  • Material Contracts.
  • Licenses and regulatory approvals required for the business.


Tax Due Diligence

  • Identification of any material tax exposures.
  • Validating representations made by the seller.
  • Validating assumptions in valuations of buyer.
  • Structuring deal in a tax efficient manner.
  • Identifying tax saving opportunities.


Investigative Due Diligence

  • Reputational due diligence on the target company, promoters etc in a discreet way.
  • Due Diligence which is aimed at anti-bribery, corruption, ethics and integrity.
  • Post transactional issues are investigated as well.